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We're building a Street View alternative for explorers

Hi! My name's Dave.

David Hike

In 2019 I took a GoPro Fusion 360-degree camera and started filming some of my hikes.

Hikes turned into mountain bike trails. Bike trails into ski runs. Ski runs into scuba dives.

David Ski

From the top of Africa to the top of Europe. The remote Scottish Highlands. Volcanoes, Rivers, Coastlines... and thousands more kilometers of my adventures.

They quickly attracted millions of views online. Viewers asked me how they could do the same, so I showed them.

At around the same time, I became interested in cartography. Being a geek at heart, this quickly led to many late-night experiments building map making software. Fellow map makers were interested in my software, so I shared that too.

Trek View Street View

Looking at the numbers, I realised there was a huge interest for using street-level imagery to map exploration of the natural world -- like Street View, but for adventures.

And so Trek View became a thing.

My aim is to keep as much of this project freely available, via how-to guides on our blog and open-source software on GitHub. I'm also trying to foster a community of outdoor enthusiasts and software developers interested in the project on Slack.

I hope you find the content here useful, and cannot wait to see your imagery on the map!