The days continue to get shorter and the weather colder (in the Northern Hemisphere).

Virginia Water Windsor Panorama UK

Crisp and frosty mornings. Dark afternoons. Winter is starting to bite here in the UK.

Getting out onto the water, like our Trekkers have been doing all summer and autumn, is now only something for the bravest of souls.

Though there are plenty of opportunities for panoramic photography over the colder months ahead.

Become a Trekker

I’m looking for Trekkers to help capture new panoramic tours over the winter and spring.

The focus is going to be virtual tours of snow and ice.

Ski resorts, mountain passes, glaciers…

With global warming affecting the weather more drastically than ever, I want to get people out capturing landscapes that are changing noticeably every year in an effort to document the changes.

Places where the snow line is retreating, exposed rock under what would once be solid ice, ski lines that will soon be a muddy thing of the past.

I can supply the waterproof panoramic camera kit. You just need to supply the effort and mode of transport.

If you have a great place that encompasses the themes of snow and ice that you want to capture a virtual tour of for others to enjoy, please apply to the Trek View camera loan program today – I have Trek Packs ready for Trekkers.

Not a snow or ice person? That’s OK too. I still encourage you to submit an application to loan one of our Trek Packs.

Pro tip: Here’s some advice when drafting your application.

David Greenwood