Calling all GoPro Fusion owners.

2 GoPro Fusion cameras

As our Trekker program expands, we’re looking to increase the number of Trek Packs in the field.

In line with our environmental policies, we want to purchase second hand kit, that might otherwise end up in landfill (or stuck in your drawer of old electronics).

We’re currently looking for the following equipment:

  • GoPro Fusion Camera
  • GoPro Seeker Backpack

All equipment should be in good condition. That is; all camera electronics should work as expected, lenses should be scratch free, backpacks should be structurally intact, etc. Minor scuffs or stains are fine.

If you’d like us to make an offer for a GoPro Fusion camera or Seeker pack you no longer use (or maybe you want to trade up for the new GoPro Max camera), please get in contact so we can make you an offer.

Not only will you be earning money for your old Fusion, know that you’ll also be supporting our work and providing a camera loan to someone who might not otherwise be able to fund it.

David Greenwood