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How much can you fit in a Trek Pack? What do you take on hikes?

Trek Pack items

A common question we’re asked is; “what can you fit in a Trek Pack?”

This post is designed to answer just that question, showing you what I pack for a day of shooting.

1 360-Degree Camera. The Trek Pack comes equip with a GoPro Fusion.

1 Spare Battery. As detailed here, a single official GoPro Fusion battery will provide around 3 hours of time-lapse mode when set to 5 second intervals.

Water. Lot’s of water. For a day hike in mild conditions, I’ll carry at least 2 litres.

Lunch. And snacks. I eat a lot. So much so I also hand a lunch box from the pack. Even loaded with ice packs to keep it cool, the weight and bulk is not particularly noticeable.

A lightweight waterproof. Because; British weather.

Factor 50 sunscreen. Because; British weather.

Phone. Usually for maps. Sometimes music. Hopefully never for emergencies. For UK hikes, the Ordinance Survey app (and subscription) is a must.

Paper maps. I rarely use these, but they have proven there worth numerous times when phone batteries have died.

First aid kit. Inside; plasters, alcohol wipes, and some disinfectant for any cuts or blisters. Mainly blisters.

Money. Specifically change. Many buses still do not accept cards and you don’t want to finish up and have to embark on an unintended hike back because the driver won’t let you on (speaking from experience).

And that’s about everything for day hikes.

The pack itself is 18-litres… if you pack it well.

There are lots of pockets for small items inside the pack to keep it organised, even if your an unorganised person (like me!).

In short, it’s the perfect size for summer overnight hikes where you just need to carry a change of underwear.

Of course, you can retrofit most types of packs to shoot 360-degree tours over longer hikes.

Steal our Trek Pack (design and documentation)

Trek Pack GoPro Seeker backpack

Earlier in the year I wrote a series of five posts (plus a bonus) about building your own DIY Street View Trek Pack.

These posts led to many questions from people who embarked on building their own Pack.

Trek Pack Getting Started

I used many of these questions to create a Trek Pack Getting Started Guide for those who purchased, or had received a loan of a Trek Pack.

To reduce amount of emails we receive containing similar questions, I wanted to make the guide public.

You can now access the Trek Pack Getting Started Guide online here.

Hopefully it will inspire and help many more of you build your own Trek Pack.

The document is an indefinite work in progress. If you have any recommendations for improvements please let me know.

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