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From the South Coast to the Yorkshire Dales. My favourite tours captured in 2019 (and a glimpse into 2020).

In 2019 our trekkers captured over 100,000 360-degree photos around England alone.

We’ve captured tours of rivers, lakes, footpaths and mountains.

Here are five tours I’ve been fortunate enough to shoot in the UK this year. I hope you like them.

The River Thames, England

Transport type: SUP

346 km in total. I covered about 100 km this year between Oxford and Kew on a paddle-board. From big cities and million Pound mansions to rolling hills and farm yards.

Wey Navigations, England

Transport type: SUP

My “local” river. Passing through the beauty of the Surrey countryside from Godalming to Weybridge where it joins the Thames. My only complaint – navigating through the many locks! Life could be worse.

The South Downs Way, England

Transport type: Hike

I wasn’t brave enough to tackle it in one go. In fact, I’m yet to complete it. By my estimations I’ve covered half of it, 80km, each kilometre of which was beautiful.

High Cup Nick, England

Transport type: Hike

A short visit to the Yorkshire dales allowed me to finally hike around High Cup Nick. Though it was a little cloudy, the imposing valley provided one of my favourite walks of the year.

The Devil’s Punchbowl, England

Transport type: Hike

This is one of my favourite places in Southern England. It was a staple in my childhood as it is today in my adult life. Views from Hindhead all the way to London (about 60km) – the Shard skyscraper makes the city a little easier to find these days.

Onwards and upwards to 2020

And sideways and downwards, and all over.

In 2020 my aim is to capture over 10 million 360-degree photos, from at least 20 countries.

We’re working on exciting new products for 2020 to make it easy for everyone to explore 360-degree tours of the natural world.

But I need your help…

Become a Trekker

To reach our goal of 1 million photos, we need your help.

Have you seen our Trekker (camera loan) program?

Borrow a 360-degree camera and show the world, your world.

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