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Last year we released Tourer, a small application that allowed you to upload 360-degree photos to Google Street View.

Trek View was hugely inspired by Street View and has been invaluable in getting our small project off-the-ground. Thanks, Google!

As we’ve grown, many of you have asked for features not available on Google Street View (it is primarily designed for mapping roads after all!).

Many of the feature requests we’ve received revolved around:

  • Support for grouping of 360-degree photos (tours, groups of photos with some relationship, etc.)
  • Making photos searchable by attributes (e.g. features in photos, terrains, etc.)
  • Provide sharing tools for uploaded photos (e.g. user profiles, embeddable images, etc.)
  • Allow photos to be annotated with information (e.g. educational, location specific info, etc.)

Introducing Explorer

Trek View Explorer Screenshot

Today we’re announcing Explorer, an online web application that can do all the above, and more.

All tours you create can be discovered under your profile using the search function making it easy to share your adventures with friends, family… and the whole world.

Curate Tourbooks of your favourite tours to inspire future adventures.

Mark your favourite photos as Viewpoints.

Embed your favourite photos on your blog, (remember all our imagery can be used for non-commercial purposes), so your readers can pretend to be a rower as you virtually race the Henley Regatta course above (just me?).

If you’re a developer, you can also build Trek View imagery into your own projects using the API.

We’re slowly uploading the entire Trek View Tour library to Explorer. That’s over 1 million photos.

You don’t need to keep refreshing Explorer to check for new tours.

Tourer Updates

Trek View Tourer Screenshot

Explorer is designed to work directly with Tourer. Tours you create in Tourer can be seamlessly uploaded publicly to Explorer.

If you choose to, the name, description, and tags you include when creating (or updating) your tours in Tourer will now be visible to others to discover and explore your tours in Explorer.

If you haven’t already, you’ll need to update Tourer to take advantage of the new Explorer integration.

We’re also excited to ship another integration in the new Tourer release, OpenTrailView. OpenTrailView is a project to collect 360-degree 360-degree photos of walking trails, to provide a Street View-like experience for the world’s wild spaces.

To grow the number of integrations we can support, Tourer is now modularised so that new integration points can be added as modules by anyone. Do you have an idea for an integration? Check out Tourer documentation for information on creating your own.

Download the latest version of Tourer now.

Share Your Tours with Us

Have you uploaded a tour to Explorer? Or perhaps you’ve found something beautiful / funny / strange in one of the photos?

Tag us on social media and we’ll share our favourites.

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