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The focus for the coming months is going to be 360 mapping of local areas.

Ceasers Camp Mountain Bike Virtual Tour

When we put out our bi-annual call for Trekkers a the start of November we could never have expected what would unfold in the following months.

Not only did we see the warmest recorded Winter here in Europe (scary!), as of early February many places began to close as COVID-19 spread across the world (2x scary!).

Whole ski resorts were closed over their busiest periods.

Airlines cancelled entire schedules.

Families were isolated to their homes.

But there are better times ahead. As we head into Summer, many people are dreaming of getting outside to enjoy the longer days and warmer weather (here in the northern hemisphere).

The lockdown gave me a long time to reflect on the work we do here at Trek View.

Even in big cities, small squares of greenery can offer a huge respite from the inside of your home and your head.

Become a Trekker

We’re looking for Trekkers to help capture new 360-degree tours over the summer and autumn.

The focus is on 360 maps of your local area.

Parks, forests, fields, rooftop gardens…

We can supply the 360-degree camera kit. You just need to supply the effort and mode of transport.

If you have a local area you want to capture a virtual tour of for others to enjoy, please apply to the Trek View camera loan program today – I have Trek Packs ready for Trekkers.

Got another project in mind? That’s OK too. I still encourage you to submit an application to loan one of our Trek Packs.

Pro tip: Here’s some advice when drafting your application.

Alternatively, you can build your own Trek Pack by following these instructions.

Update June 2020: All camera loans will now use a Trek Pack v2.

Update November 2020: Call for Trekkers: Winter / Autumn Spring.

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