Climb. Ski. Hike. Bike. Paddle. Run. Travel.

I love podcasts.

I’ve been wanting to create one for a while, but wasn’t quite sure where to start.

After much research – too much research – ExPODition is our first foray into the podcasting world (very late, I know!).

Every two weeks I’m going to be talking with ‘everyday people’ who have embarked on amazing adventures.

In some ways it’s to fulfil my own lockdown wonderlust, but I am certain the people I speak with will inspire many of you too.

And the first episode is a corker!

In the first episode of ExPODition I talk with British adventurer Chris Lucas about canoing down one of the most remote rivers in Canada with his father.

I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed recording.

p.s don’t forget to subscribe. New episodes are released every 2 weeks. Stories of pirates, blowpipes, wrong turns and much more to come…

David Greenwood

Professional explorer.

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