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Modify, process, and upload your photos and videos using the Map the Paths Desktop Uploader.

A little over a year ago now I wrote about a small piece of software, Tourer, that allowed you to upload images from your action cameras to Google Street View and other panoramic image hosting sites.

Map the Paths Desktop Uploader

Admittedly, slightly later than planned, here is a much more friendly version; the Map the Paths Desktop Uploader.

If you have created photos and videos using a 2D or 360 action camera, that are GPS tagged, you can now bring them to life outside of YouTube and Facebook.

Map the Paths Desktop Uploader

Perhaps you have footage you’ve already shared on YouTube:

  • Skiing a clean line of powder
  • Descending a tree-lined downhill MTB trail
  • Surfing an epic wave
  • [Insert action sport here]

Map the Paths Desktop Uploader

Now you can share it with others in map form, so that they cannot only relive your awe inspiring lines, but also help them plan their route by committing your adventures as lines to the map.

All you need is the footage and the Map the Paths Uploader will do the rest.

Map the Paths Desktop Uploader

Here’s what it can currently do:

  • Add metadata to Sequences for easy management and discovery (name, description, tags)
  • Add metadata to photos (copyright, artist name…)
  • Convert video to photo frames
  • Geotag photo files using a .gpx track
  • Modify the GPS track of the photos including;
    • Define photo spacing
    • Modify position
    • Modify heading
    • Remove unwanted photos
  • Upload and add a nadir to photos
  • Blur people and license plates
  • Upload to web platforms
    • Map the Paths Web
    • Mapillary
    • Google Street View
    • Strava (.gpx track)
    • Developer? Add your own…

You can download the latest version of the Desktop Uploader (always FREE) on Map the Paths here.

Merry Christmas!

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