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Announcing Map the Path Guidebooks. Act as a local guide of your favourite places for everyone around the world to enjoy.

I love to explore new places online. In fact, I am often guilty of spending more time looking online than exploring in person on occasion.

Old guidebooks, even in a sea of online information, still provide details you’d be hard pressed to find on the Internet.

Guidebooks curated by experts who know the ins-and-outs of a location; those who know the best places to eat, those who know where to go to avoid the crowds, and where that secret bar that serves cheap cocktails can be found.

The concept of online tours has boomed as the world locked down when COVID-19 took hold. We even ran a few of our own.

I was really inspired by city tour guides who turned to Airbnb, Google Street View and Zoom to offer virtual tours in place of cancelled vacations.

So-much-so that I started thinking about ways to make this type of tour available to everyone, at scale.

Introducing Guidebooks

Last month we launched the Map the Paths marketplace. Don’t forget to post a listing your mapping photography services – we have lots of people looking to hire photographers.

Guidebook list

Keeping the ball rolling, today we’re releasing a brand new feature, Guidebooks.

Guidebook scenes

Guidebooks allow you to curate any images uploaded to Mapillary as scenes in a virtual Guidebooks, giving you the opportunity to act as a local expert using your own, or someone else’s imagery.

Guidebook points of interest

Each scene can be annotated with points of interest. For example, you might want to point out a great view, historical information, or that great bar (please!).

You can start creating your own Guidebooks on Map the Paths now.

Here are some I’ve created that hopefully provide some inspiration:

Please do share Guidebooks you’ve created on Map the Paths with us on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll make sure we repost as many as possible.

Now, get exploring!

Update October 2020: Upload and share your own street-level images in Guidebooks.

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