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We have 100’s of thousands of street-level photos on Street View, Mapillary, and other places on the web. Here’s how we manage them.

Over the past 1.5 years, we’ve submitted about 100’s of thousands of images to Mapillary.

Our trekkers have submitted many more.

The problem with holding such a large amount of imagery is making it easily searchable and being able to share the best moments from the journey.

When we announced Map the Paths Guidebooks in August, many of you dropped me an email to share your suggested improvements – keep them coming.

But they didn’t give the whole (360 degree) picture…

Today we are continuing our mission to help people share their own street-level tours and direct viewers to the imagery they’re most interested in.

Introducing Sequences and Tours

From today, you are able to import Mapillary images into Map the Paths.

Map the Paths Sequences

First-things-first, let me be clear; we’re not trying to replace Mapillary, far from it (we love Mapillary).

Think of imported sequences as a discovery tool for your Mapillary images.

By importing Mapillary sequence data to Map the Paths you can classify it with a title, description, how it was captured (transport method), and searchable tags.

This means any Map the Paths visitor can then discover your sequences through search. For example,

“Show me images captured in the Netherlands by bicycle”

Here’s the link you’ll need.

You can also group Sequences as Tours. Tours are groups of Sequences.

For example, if you have 10 distinct sequences of a trail you’ve hiked, you can group them as a Tour.

Here’s my Tour covering the River Thames (UK) on a paddleboard from Oxford to Richmond I shot in 2019.

Once you’ve imported your imagery, share you Map the Paths profile on social media so your network can recreate the adventures you’ve been on.

David Greenwood Map the Paths

Shameless plug.

And every Mapillary sequence imported boosts your position on the new Map the Paths leaderboard.

You’ll score leaderboard points for the number of photos imported to Map the Paths based on quality and capture method.

We’ve also added the ability for Map the Paths users to mark individual photos as Viewpoints. Users can mark your images as Viewpoints to indicate a particularly impressive photo. You’ll score points for the more Viewpoints your photos have received.

Map the Paths leaderboards

Check out the leaderboards to see where you rank.

And points win prizes… more on that soon.

You can start importing your Mapillary images to Map the Paths NOW.

Please do share Sequences and Tours you’ve imported to Map the Paths with us on Facebook and Twitter. I’ll make sure we repost as many as possible.

I do hope you’ve got a few more adventures planned before winter sets in!

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