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Find or offer help on image collection projects to create fresh street level map data in locations where it’s needed for Google Street View, Mapillary, and more…

Land, above sea level, covers roughly 29 percent, of the earth’s surface.

The surface area of the earth is 510.1 million km², with land covering 148.9 million km² of that.

Estimates of how much we’ve explored, both above and below sea level, vary wildly. In part this is because how “explored” is defined differs depending on who you ask.

How much have you explored?

Thanks to user submissions, OpenStreetMap is full of footpaths, bike paths, waterways, and other places to explore on your doorstep (in my case, many I never knew existed).

Whilst these paths are mapped, very few have accompanying 360 degree street level imagery.

Let’s get mapping

Today I’m really excited to officially announce the Map the Paths Marketplace.

Map the Paths Marketplace

To help photographers find work related to virtual tour and survey photography.

Photographers, create a business profile detailing your skills and working area so that people looking for imagery capture can get in contact with you.

Alternatively, browse and apply the growing number of projects being posted on the Marketplace.

What’s next?

Our overall aim of Map the Paths is to encourage and reward the collection of new street level 360 imagery.

We’re currently working on a processing and upload tool for 360 outdoor tour imagery. Here’s a sneak peak at two very early mock-ups…

Map the Paths Create v2 Simple Mockup 1

Map the Paths Create v2 Simple Mockup 2

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Update August 2020: Take a Virtually Guided Tour (or Create Your Own).

Update October 2020: Curate and share your street-level images.

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