Support the cause.

Trek View is currently run as a side-project to my day job.

I love working on it, and keeping it running is something I’m working hard on.

However, sadly, my pockets are not deep enough to cover $1000’s each year to keep it going.

That’s why I’m calling for your support.

For as little as $6.50 a month you will be critical part of our projects. Each month:

  • $300 funds a new camera that we can use to continue our free loan program. We have cameras currently summiting Kilimanjaro and documenting the Great Barrier Reef. People like you put them there.
  • $100 keeps Map the Paths online and updated. As more users sign up, the costs to run the project increase. Namely, storage costs and software costs, like looking up weather data for your sequences using WeatherStack. Your support helps me keeps Map the Paths ad free and full of new (good) surprises.
  • $10 covers the costs to host and distribute the ExPODition podcast. A single Patreon could essentially keep this going indefinitely. There are still lots of interesting people we’re lining up to speak with.

Map the Paths Hall of Fame

Not only will you be doing good, you’ll also make it onto the Map the Paths Hall of Fame.

Tweets, likes and follows of our photos also goes a long way too!

Thanks for your continued support trekkers!

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David Greenwood

Founder, Trek View

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