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Calling parents, students and teachers whose schools have been closed. We’re running virtual adventure lessons for students across the globe.

Around the world schools are closing due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Teachers are scrambling to find ways to continue their curriculum’s remotely.

Parents are struggling to juggle childcare and work commitments.

Students are enjoying more time on Fortnite, but also missing vital parts of their education.

Treehouse Virtual Adventure Lesson

Before school closures, our Treehouse (after-school virtual reality clubs) have been very well received.

Clubs have included getting children to virtually kayak down rivers to learn about how they develop and to explore volcanoes to discover more about their geology.

Given the current pressures on schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to now teach these lessons virtually.

About the classes

Treehouse Virtual Adventure Lesson Mount Everest

Students will get the chance to virtually kayak down the Amazon river to learn about how it changes downstream, climb to the summit of Mount Everest to learn about how the Mahalangur Himal mountain range formed (sub-range of the Himalayas), then scuba-dive on the Great Barrier Reef to learn about the marine life and the problems they face due to global warming.

To begin with we’re offering lessons to 7-11 years olds.

Parents/carers/teachers are asked to join with their child(ren).

If you’re still teaching in school, your entire class is welcome to join a lesson.

Classes are free to enrol in.

A tablet or mobile device that is connected to the internet between a maximum of two students is all that’s required.

We use free online tools to create interactive and engaging lessons. Full instructions to download these tools will be provided in advance of each class. You will need to be able to install software / apps on the devices you intend to use.

All classes are taught in English, but students in any country can enrol.

All student webcams are completely disabled during the video call for safety reasons. Classes will be interactive but chat and voice functions will be limited by the teacher.

Classes are scheduled to run until the end of April.

Class timetable

New classes are being added daily to meet demand.

You can enrol students in multiple classes.

Homework will be assigned at the end of each lesson.

Please note, depending on the applications received we might have to change the timings of classes.

We are doing our best to open this up to as many students as we can, but submitting an application does not guarantee a place in a class.

Please submit an application even if your child falls outside of the specified criteria. Your responses will help us improve what we’re able to offer.

We’re also looking for teachers and volunteers to help us develop, teach, and improve our content. Please contact us if you want to help.

All lessons plans and content is provided free-of-charge under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License and is available for parents and teachers to download, adapt and use outside of Treehouse.

Update (2020-03-27)

Build your own immersive, 360-degree tours and become a virtual tour guide to show friends, family, or an entire class your creations.

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