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8 lenses, 11K Resolution, yet comfortable enough for long hikes.

This is a guest post by Federico Debetto.

Trek Pack Pro

I’m building the perfect tool to map the natural world at street level; the Trek Pack Pro!

Trek View’s Trek Pack v2 is a consumer grade camera suitable for most people, but I also know that special locations often require the highest possible image quality to do them justice (I’ve got a few of these trips planned) .

When I decided to create a Pro version of the Trek Pack I knew it would have to be wearable for long periods and to let the trekker to move comfortably and stably on mountain paths or in the middle of the woods.

I decided to choose the better cameras in terms of image quality, and I chose the Insta 360 Titan, an 8 lens camera with micro four third sensors and unprecedented dynamic range (often is the Achilles heel of all the other 360 cameras I have tested before).

The Titan is an exceptional camera, but, as its marketing claims, “Built for cinematic VR” I needed to customise it a bit…

These modifications are still a secret, and will be announced later in the year, but what I can say is that after making them, I created a very nice mapping toy.

The Titan uses 9 (8+1) SD cards and I opted for a few sets of 128Gb cards. Each set of cards is able to record just under 2 hours of video footage in Street View mode, so 11K, 5fps.

The camera comes with a stock battery able to power and capture for around 3 hours, but beware, the replacement batteries have less power than the stock one.

Trek Pack Pro

About the backpack. I selected a military one, with a rigid frame, but as light and comfortable as possible. It’s not finished yet, and I are still working to improve it daily, fine tuning small parts after every hike done.

What I can say is that the weight is around 10Kg. All included (except for lunch). So easy and comfortable to carry all day long.

To conclude, this solution is designed for special kinds of captures as the value of the whole equipment is around €20.000. However, it is able to create spectacular results that compete with Google’s own Street View cameras.

OK, I can’t end without showing some photos. Here is some of the test footage from the Trek Pack Pro shot in the Italian Dolomites…

Whilst the camera is still in the testing phase, I’ll release a version ready to be loaned to those who need it for very special projects… like you!

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