Rainforest’s, moorland, glaciers, and volcanic craters.

It’s been a tough year for tourism based businesses.

With travel restrictions imposed by most countries, being able to explore places on bucket lists became a thing of the future.

For many Kilimanajro is high-up-there on such lists.

There are two distinct trekking seasons which constitute the best time to climb Kilimanjaro. They are January-March and June-October.

We sent a Trek Pack up the mountain with Altezza Travel a few weeks ago… as the rainy season began.

Sadly the weather meant we couldn’t film the entire route. Nonetheless, there are still tons great images.

When the next climbing window starts in January, we’ll be hoping for a few more drier days to capture more imagery with our Trek Pack.

Explore the mountain virtually

Map the Paths Kilimanjaro Macheme Route Guidebook

You can explore the full Macheme Route Guidebook now on Map the Paths here.

Altezza Travel

This Guidebook would not have been possible without the studious team at Altezza Travel.

They’re taking bookings for the 2021 season so you can see the variety this mountain offers to the senses in a wonderful part of the world.

Did I mention they have a Black Friday sale now on offering discounted treks?

See the Altezza Travel website for more details.

David Greenwood

Professional explorer.

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