Winter and Spring didn’t turn out quite how we envisaged.

A change of plans

Our best laid plans for winter projects fell through due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

Fortunately my local area has some lovely wide open spaces to get lost in. Over the last few months I’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring, and mapping, what’s on my doorstep.

It also helps that the weather has been particularly warm and sunny this Spring here in the UK, after a very wet Winter.

Here’s a great viewpoint looking over the towns of Fleet and Farnborough, Hampshire, England, and kilometres beyond in the glorious Spring sunshine.

It’s a great spot to watch planes taking off from Farnborough Airport (FAB).

I’ve compiled a small case study showing some of the highlights in my local area here.

Virtual adventures

Treehouse Virtual Adventure Lesson Mount Everest

With new found time on our hands, we turned Treehouse after-school club content into remote adventure lessons, and then into guided tours for adults too.

The virtual tour concept has proven really popular with all age groups – we’re all explorers at heart.

You can still join a virtual adventures. They are running them until the end of April. Sign up as an:

Hopefully we’ll be able to continue this type of virtual education far into the future. Watch this space.

Join us around the Campfire

Everyday we get emails from people asking for support.

We’re more than happy to try and answer them, or find someone who can, but as anyone who has emailed us knows, this can take some time.

In attempt to provide better answers, faster, we want to tap into the vast knowledge of the 360 photographer community.

Trek View Campfire forum

To do this we’ve spun up a new public forum, Campfire.

We make everything we do here at Trek View public and freely available, and we want that to include our knowledge. From the design of our Trek Pack to the software we build.

We want Campfire to be a further extension of this openness, allowing the community to come together, share information, and help each other out.

Share your outdoor street-level tours in the imagery category.

Discuss cameras and setups in the equipment category.

And promote your events, challenges, or initiatives in the community category.

It will be great to have you on-board.

A new Trek Pack?

More on that next week!

Let’s keep in touch

A number of people have asked me if we have a newsletter.

The answer is; kind of.

All the latest Trek View news can be found on our Facebook page:

If you want to follow some of our field work, we publish “little planet“ photos on Instagram almost everyday.

Speak to you all again very soon!

Post author

David Greenwood

Founder, Trek View

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