Time to dust off the helmet cameras and take part in some cycling capture challenges.

If you’ve been following our blog over the years you will have seen a few post with a focus on capturing 360 tours of bicycle lanes, using cameras and a variety of other sensors;

We’ve seen a ton imagery captured on bikes uploaded to Map the Paths.

From Amsterdam (NL):

Credit: me.

View on Map the Paths.

Join the Amsterdam bike challenge by capturing your own photos.

To Bristol (UK):

Credit: Jim Gayes for Sustrans.

View on Map the Paths.

Join the Bristol bike challenge by capturing your own photos.

To Des Moines (USA)

Credit: DMAMPO.

View on Map the Paths.

We have been very inspired by how the Slow Ways team has managed to mobilise an entire country to map walking trails in the UK.

In a similar vein, our aim is to get the millions of cyclists around the world capturing their local cycling infrastructure to help drive improvements.

The beauty of it being, you don’t need too much kit to get started, nor do you need to be particularly technical.

  1. Grab a 360 camera.
  2. Set up a challenge (or take part in an existing one).
  3. Upload your videos / imagery.

Using what we learn analysing the images from locations around the world, our aim is to provide local governments with the data to make the best investment decisions for new bicycle infrastructure to eliminate all avoidable cyclist deaths.

We can provide the software, but we need groups who can help us to promote this initiative amongst their local cycling communities. If you manage or are involved in managing cycling infrastructure, please do get in contact.

Update 2021-06-25

Collecting street-level imagery of the UK’s cycle networks

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