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I look back at my imagery from this season and show how you can do the same this year.

Another ski season is over, for me anyway.

It has been another year of bad snow here in Europe, though there were a few very good weeks.

Here’s where I’ve skied…

Serre Chevallier (France)

Serre Chevallier

Explore it all here.

Courmayeur (Italy)


Explore it all here.

La Thuile (Italy) / La Rosiere (France)

La Thuile and La Rosiere

Explore it all here.

How can I do this?

Hopefully this has inspired many of you to try to record your own footage this season and place it on the map. The good news; it’s not as difficult as you might think.

Here is everything you need to know;

  1. Buy a GoPro MAX and helmet mount
  2. Set it up so that it performs well in cold weather
  3. Record footage in video mode (5.2k @ 24 FPS)
  4. Break the footage up into frames (optional, not required if only for upload to Street View / Mapillary)

Need more inspiration? Here is some more ski footage from my adventures last year.

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