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Mapping projects to improve disaster and development outcomes, including; Trashsites, Land Rights and Resources, Wildfires and Cycling.

On the 4th of December 2020, the humanitarian OpenStreetMap community convened for a global virtual meeting to showcase projects, discuss and share ideas, and learn how mapping projects can have impact on the lives beyond the people mapping and create better disaster and development outcomes.

You can browse the full programs from each of the three world blocks here.

Here are my personal favourites…

An Homage to the Projects of #map2020

Asia/Oceania block.

Edoardo Neerhut from Mapillary talks about some of the projects that have utilised their platform this year (speed bumps, navigation, accessibility, ect.).

Trashsites: Mapping the Trash Value Chain

Americas block.

Chad Blevins from Critigen talks about trash management and how maps can help local governments around the world improve efficiencies in dealing with the ever-growing amount of waste they are facing.

The Future of Mapping Land Rights and Resources

Americas block.

Katie Pickett from the Cadasta Foundation discusses the issues of land rights and resources ownership that communities in different parts of the world face. In many cases their land is under customary ownership which governments do not legally recognise, which is where mapping can help.

Mapping Against Wildfires in Bolivia

Americas block.

Leon Lizon Romano from Practical Action talks about a project to establish a mapping community to enhance and complement early recovery activities and resilience against wildfires.

A Collaborative Mapping Project of Cycling Infrastructure in Medellin, Colombia

Americas block.

Natalia da Silveria from the GeoLab at the Universidad de Antioquia discusses the SIG en Bici (GIS in Bike) project that is researching how cyclists navigate through cities to identify ways to optimise their routes (for speed, safety, etc.).

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