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3D rendering, long distance hiking trails, biking maps, building detection, Irish heritage, and photos of entrances.

State of the Map 2021 took place online this year, from July 9 to 11 2021.

There were some brilliant talks at this years conference, now available to watch back on YouTube.

The full programme can be viewed here.

I’ve curated some of my favourite talks most closely linked to the work we do here at Trek View that I know you’ll enjoy.

Don’t forget to check out my favourite talks from last year too.

3D Rendering with OSM2World

The mission of OSM2World is to build a realistic 3D representation of the physical world using open data and open-source software. This is made possible by two trends: The increasing level of detail captured by the OpenStreetMap database, and the growing availability of open technologies for high-quality 3D rendering.

In this talk, Tobias Knerr introduces the capabilities of OSM2World, with a particular focus on features which were added recently.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

Building a global outdoor map

MapTiler Outdoor is a global dataset and a map style for hiking and biking available as a zoomable and web-compatible vector tiles, which are ready for use in OpenLayers, MapLibre, Leaflet, QGIS as well as mobile applications.

Jiri Komarek describes the challenges him and his team members encountered whilst bulding MapTiler: most of them originating from a need to create a rigid set of rules for the entire world, which is full of diversity due to the variety of nature.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

Building a Free Worldwide Long Distance Hiking Trail Map Together With OpenStreetMap

Dozens if not hundreds of users worldwide have contributed a wealth of long-distance hiking trail information to OpenStreetMap. However, this data is difficult to extract in a meaningful and useful way and its quality varies greatly.

This talk by Davey Lovin introduces superroute: an interactive webmap and quality assurance tool for OSM long distance hiking trails, with the goal of coalescing a community of passionate data-nerdy hikers to maintain and improve the data quality of these trails for the benefit of all.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

Automatic building detection with ohsome2label and Tensorflow

In this talk, Hao Li shares recent work in detecting OpenStreetMap missing buildings and shows you a walkthrough on how to train your own building detector using ohsome2label and the TensorFlow Object Detection API.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

Mapping Heritage in Ireland - A Journey

Since Anne-Karoline Distel moved to Ireland from Germany in December 2016, she has been mapping heritage features on the island.

Shortly after becoming a member of a local historical society, she started mapping historical features like ringforts, castles, church ruins and graveyards.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

Collection and use of data about entrances of buildings

OLMap is a web app allowing you to upload photos of entrances and map them in OSM and another one, Gatesolve, for delivery drivers to find the route to the right entrance based on this micro-mapped OSM data.

True door-to-door navigation requires us to accept that people don’t really visit house numbers, they visit amenities and apartments via specific building entrances. The significance of this difference varies and is greatest in cities with suboptimal address schemes, for people with accessibility needs and for delivery drivers quickly visiting lots of unfamiliar recipients.

See the full description of this talk and download it here.

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