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Case Study - Fleet Pond, England

Inspiring a new generation of green-fingered volunteers

Located on the northern edge of the town of Fleet in north-eastern Hampshire, at 21 hectares, Fleet Pond is Hampshire's largest freshwater lake.

Surrounded by woodlands and heaths it is a biological Site of Special Scientific Interest for wildlife.

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About the Fleet Pond Society

The Fleet Pond Society is the voluntary group that exists to help protect and manage Fleet Pond Nature Reserve.

The Fleet Pond restoration work is run in partnership between Hart District Council, Fleet Pond Society, MoD, Natural England and the Environment Agency.

Volunteers and rangers work to maintain the diversity of wildlife habitat at the Reserve. This includes keeping the open heath and marsh areas free of invasive species; clearing footpaths of overhanging vegetation; repairing fences and strengthening the banks of streams against erosion.

There are many ways supporters can help maintain the nature reserve and to fund the society's future conservation projects.

Learn more: Fleet Pond Society website.