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Case Study - Aldershot Byelaws Review, England

Ensuring that responsible public access to military woodland is maintained

Access to the military heathlands and woodlands that surround Aldershot, Farnborough, Fleet, and Camberley is under threat.

The Aldershot byelaws govern public access to the military training land around Aldershot, Camberley, Fleet, and Farnborough. These byelaws are now being updated after 45 years - there is good reason to think that the new byelaws may restrict the public's use of the land.

The byelaws will be subject to public consultation and there will be a 60 day window of opportunity to provide comments on the new byelaws - it is crucial that we tell the government how important continued public use of all the lands is to our community, and how access must be preserved for future generations.

You can help preserve access by signing up to updates here.

It is important the MoD and law makers understand how important access to the lands is for the local community. We would encourage you to sign the petition calling for public access to be maintained and you can add you name here.

Virtual tours

Heathlands and woodlands that surround Aldershot, Farnborough, Fleet, and Camberley

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Ceaser's Camp

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Long Valley

Ceasers Camp

Tunnel Hill

Ash Ranges

Porridge Pot Hill

About Don't Lose Your Woods

Don't Lose Your Woods are a group of local residents originally brought together through our love of walking, running and cycling on the military land.

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