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Case Study - Richmond Park, England

Getting urban dwellers into green spaces on their bikes to promote health and well-being

London is officially the world's first National Park City.

There is 5000 acres of quality green spaces across eight London Royal Parks.

All are bike friendly, including Richmond Park, the largest of London's eight Royal Parks and the biggest enclosed space in London.

Richmond Park Cycle Routes

There are numerous variations and routes around the Park which can be varied depending on time and how fast you would like to pedal.

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Richmond Park.

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About The Parkcycle

Parkcycle is Richmond Park's Cycling Centre located at the Roehampton Gate car park.

They currently offer a wide range of high specification TREK mountain bikes to enable you to enjoy a unique day out riding the safe and traffic free trails of Richmond Park.

Parents are encouraged to bring their children as we have various child accessories for the younger ones such as; baby seats, children's trailers and tag-along's.

Escape city life and get active with a scenic ride around this beautiful park.

Learn more: Parkcycle website.