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Loan a Trek Pack

Individuals, groups, or organisations looking to capture 360-degree tours of our natural world for non-commercial purposes are encouraged to apply to our Trek Pack loan program.

About the Trekker Loan program

Our Trekker Loan program offers individuals, groups, or organisations a short-term loan of our Trek Pack to capture imagery of our natural world for non-commercial purposes.

We evaluate applications to our camera loan program against our aims as an organisation to:

  • Show children and adults the beauty of our planet and inspire them to help protect it.
  • Give organisations and communities the ability to market themselves on the world's stage to promote sustainable tourism rather than environmental destruction.
  • Capture environments at risk of being lost, through natural or man-made means, to expose the damage being done.

Read more about our work here.

Occasionally we also make a "call for trekkers" to map particular environments. This is designed as guidance, and we regularly accept applications outside of this scope.

It is important you application conforms to our Environment Charter.

Our cameras are designed to capture imagery on foot, by bicycle, paddle-boarding and even underwater whilst scuba-diving, and therefore can support a wide range of projects

If your application is successful, we will loan you a camera free of charge including postage costs. Please note, we do not cover transportation, accommodation or other incidental costs related to projects.

Apply to loan a Trek Pack

Before submitting an application for a camera loan, we recommend reading this post containing guidance about how our review process works.

Get your own pack

If you don't qualify for our loan program and want a Trek Pack to capture 360 imagery there are a number of other ways to get one. Find out how.