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Virtual Field Trips for Students Learning from Home

Trek View, the virtual exploration organisation, is offering free adventure lessons to students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

March 20, 2020

Trek View Treehouse virtual field trips for students

Around the world schools are closing due to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak.

Teachers are scrambling to find ways to continue their curriculum's remotely.

Parents are struggling to juggle childcare and work commitments.

Students are enjoying more time on Fortnite, but also missing vital parts of their education.

Today, Trek View announced it will be offering free, interactive virtual lessons to students during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The company is offering children the opportunity to join fellow students around the world to embark on virtual field trips.

Using video-conferencing software and Trek View's 360-degree image library, any student with a PC or mobile device will be able to join a virtual tour to explore amazing destinations around the world whilst their history and natural environment are explained by an expert local tour guide.

Trek View Treehouse virtual field trips for students

Students will get the chance to virtually kayak down the Amazon river to learn about how it changes downstream, climb to the summit of Mount Everest to learn about how the Mahalangur Himal mountain range formed (sub-range of the Himalayas), then scuba-dive on the Great Barrier Reef to learn about the marine life and the problems they face due to global warming.

By the end of the term, students will have visited all 7 continents with experiences and knowledge that will last a lifetime.

David Greenwood, founder of Trek View, commented:

"Our free, immersive, and most importantly, fun, learning experiences give students the necessary understanding and skills to tackle the world's most pressing issues."

"Teachers have previously delivered Treehouse content through after-school clubs that children, and parents, have really enjoyed. Given the current pressures on schools due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we have decided to now teach these lessons virtually."

Teachers have been incredibly forthcoming in giving up their time to create lesson plans for the virtual explorations.

All lesson content is provided under "share-alike" licenses allowing anyone to take the content, adapt it, and teach it to their own classes independently.

Virtual classes are free to enrol in. All students need is a tablet or mobile device connected to the internet.

In future, Trek View hopes to expand the lessons they can offer, including translating them into new languages, so that every student around the world is given the opportunity to learn about it interactively.

To learn more about Treehouse virtual field trips or to enrol students, please visit the Treehouse website.

To learn more about Trek View's work, please visit the Trek View website.