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April 04, 2020

Trek View virtual walk Seven Sisters South Downs UK

As international travel is further restricted due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of us are dreaming of future holidays.

Lying by the pool.

Taking a dip in the ocean.

Exploring the back-streets of small villages.

Today, Trek View announced it will be offering free virtual guided tours to some of the most astounding landscapes around the world.

Using video-conferencing software and Trek View's 360-degree image library, anyone with a PC or mobile device will be able to join a virtual tour to explore new destinations whilst the history and natural environment is explained by an expert local tour guide.

Trek View virtual walk Scotland

Having already transformed the way children learn through Treehouse virtual field trips, Trek View knows what makes for a memorable virtual tour.

David Greenwood, founder of Trek View, commented:

"The current COVID-19 pandemic is forcing all of us to adapt our daily lives. People will already be dreaming up future holidays and days-out during current lockdown."

"We hope our virtually guided tours will give people some relief during these difficult times, especially those self-isolating at home, helping them to learn about new destinations around the world, and to plan their visits once travel restrictions are lifted."

Virtual tourists will be able to join virtually guided tours of the Great Barrier Reef, the Galapagos Islands, Machu Picchu, and many, many more sites of cultural, historical, and geographic significance.

Local experts have also been incredibly forthcoming in giving up their time to guide the tours and share their knowledge with those embarking on the virtual explorations.

In future, Trek View hopes to expand their virtual tour guiding concept to more locations around the world, giving everyone with a PC or mobile device the opportunity to learn about the world interactively.

To register for a virtually guided tour, please read this blog post on the Trek View website.

To learn more about Treehouse virtual field trips or to enrol students, please visit the Treehouse website.

To learn more about Trek View's work to promote sustainable tourism, please visit the Trek View website.