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Everything you need to create and publish 360-degree tours.

Trek View's work is funded through commercial initiatives, including the sale of Trek Packs. By purchasing a Trek Pack you will be supporting our trekkers around the world.

Coming soon...

Trek Pack v2

Coming soon

Our Trek Packs have travelled thousands of kilometres to capture stunning 360-degree photos. Using feedback from v1 customers and trekkers we are making refinements to produce the Trek Pack v2 for mid-2020. Whilst final specifications are yet to be confirmed, like the v1 Pack, you can expect:

  • A rugged, waterproof, 8K, Street View compatible 3D camera.
  • Storage and battery life for tours up to 20 kilometres on foot (equal to 87,000 3D images).
  • A daypack mounting system
  • Software to process imagery on non-professional grade equipment.


Here's a teaser...

Trek Pack v1
Trek Pack v1 (used)


Save a ton of money and reduce your environmental footprint. As we update our loaner Trek Packs we have surplus old models available for you to buy. All our used Trek Packs have enjoyed a good life. We carefully maintain them and ensure that they are thoroughly checked to be in perfect working order before selling them.

  • 1x GoPro Fusion Camera (inc. case and fabric lens cloth)
  • 2x GoPro Fusion Batteries
  • 1x GoPro Seeker Backpack
  • 1x GoPro Monopod
  • 2x 64GB MicroSD cards
  • 1x MicroSD USB reader
  • 1x USC-A to USB-C cable


You can also loan a Trek Pack or build your own.



Always wanted to capture 360 underwater action with your 360 camera? 360bubble gets you down to a depth of 10 meters to capture the world below the surface. Put your favourite sub-aquascapes into Virtual Reality.

  • acrylic globe housing affords uninhibited 360 field of view for great underwater 360 photospheres and 360 videos
  • globe design maintains equidistance from the cameras twin fish eye lenses to the housing thereby avoiding refraction issues at the air/housing/water interface
  • suitable for GoPro Fusion and GoPro Max
  • rated for use to a depth of 10 meters