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Hardware and software designed to capture, process and publish 360-degree tours.

Our tools

  • Tourer: Upload your 360-degree tours to Google Street View and Trek View Explorer.
  • Explorer: Unleash your inner explorer and travel the globe without leaving home.
  • Treehouse: Free and immersive learning experiences that give students the necessary understanding and skills to tackle the world's most pressing issues.
  • Greenhouse: The research team at Trek View cataloguing the environment with the aim of helping us to better understand it.
  • Trek Pack: A backpack mounted 360-degree camera system designed to capture stunning 360-degree tours in all terrains.

All content developed in the Trek View labs is shared using open-source licenses. We are eternally grateful to the community who help enhance our hardware, software and content for fellow trekkers.

View all code for our software on GitLab here.