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Trail Maker

Turn your GoPro content into immersive virtual tours.

GoPro Trail Maker

Trail Maker is a desktop app that creates sequences from videos and timelapse photos shot on GoPro cameras that can then be uploaded to Explorer.

How it works

  1. Shoot some epic footage on your GoPro (with GPS enabled)
  2. Process your GoPro photos and video with Trail Maker
  3. Upload the processed sequences to Explorer for the world to view


  • Converts GoPro video files (inc. shot in TimeWarp/TimeLapse video mode) into a series of timelapse images
  • Cleans up GoPro timelapse images to create the perfect virtual tour (allowing you to set time and distance spacing)
  • Stitches dual fisheyes .jpg's and .mp4's from the GoPro Fusion into equirectangular projections
  • Coverts .360 video files from the GoPro MAX into equirectangular projections
  • Provides the option to add a nadir (to 360 images) and a watermark (to HERO images)
  • Produces .gpx files for the sequence that can be used with other tools (e.g. Strava)
  • Offers full command line interface designed for working with large volumes of content


Trail Maker works with all video and timelapse photo modes for the following GoPro cameras:

  • HERO (5 and newer)
  • Fusion
  • MAX



Trail Maker is an open-source tool. We welcome any contributions.