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About the program

For some projects you need the very best.

Here at Trek View we work with some of the world's leading outdoor 360 photographers.

Not only do many have the ability to capture the outdoors crystal clear 11K, but they have the knowledge and experience to make sure your project runs smoothly from planning to delivery.

All Trek View Trusted Trekkers are distinguished photographers of 360 tour imagery and have been individually vetted by Trek View (in fact, we've worked with many of them!).

Please note, Trek View only works with outdoor 360 photographers. For all indoor photographers, we recommend consulting Google's directory of "Trusted Pro's".

Hire a Trusted Trekker

Hiring a Trusted Trekked is easy.

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If you have a portfolio of high-quality outdoor 360 imagery and want to:

  • Get access to trusted brand assets and the right to market yourself as a trusted photographer
  • Receive more exposure by being featured in our for-hire index
  • Acquire leads as local businesses request shoots

Apply to become a Trek View Trusted Trekker today.