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Help build an open street-level map of the natural world

Trek View are using crowdsourced street-level imagery to create a virtual world everyone can explore.

Map the Paths

Capture imagery

Use any GoPro camera to capture imagery of outdoor environments. Max and Fusion 360 cameras are the best, but any normal HERO camera will work well.

Trek Pack

Recreate the natural world

Your imagery is split into frames, placed on a map, and used a to create a street-level model of your adventure.

Ski Pack

Explore the natural world

Share your street-level imagery from anywhere in the world. Anyone can browse publicly available content.

Dive pack

Spotted a trekker?

Browse street-level imagery uploaded by fellow trekkers.

Want to become a trekker?

We highly value your privacy. All faces and sensitive information (e.g. number plates) captured in our photos are blurred before being publicised.

Read our Image Charter for more information.