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About Trek View

Trek View is not-for-profit organisation using the power of 360° to enable people to share their world.

What is Trek View?

Trek View is not-for-profit organisation using the power of 360° photography to:

  • Encourage people to embark on new adventures to places nearby or across the globe.
  • Provide those who are unable to travel the opportunity to see and learn about locations around the world.
  • Show children the beauty of our planet and inspire them to explore it in sustainable ways.
  • Give organisations and communities the ability to market themselves on the world's stage.
  • Prevent the loss of vital habitats by making people aware of their existence to promote conservation efforts.
  • Capture environments being lost, through natural or man-made means, to allow future generations to enjoy them.

Who do you work with?

Our projects come to fruition in a number of ways, Generally we receive requests from organisations, government departments, or local communities to capture imagery from a location.

If you would like to work with us, or suggest a new location, submit a request here.

Won't virtual tours discourage visitors?

Most visitors do research online before visiting a location.

Studies have shown that businesses who use Google Street View will see 20% growth in their in-store traffic.

We expect Trek View imagery drives similar increases in footfall based qualitative feedback from owners and managers of locations we've created tours of.

Can I become a Trek View photographer?


Individuals, groups, or organisations looking to capture 360° tours of our natural world for non-commercial purposes are encouraged to submit an application to our camera loan program here.

If you would like to use one of our cameras for a private or commercial project, you can purchase them here.

How are you funded?

Trek View projects are funded by network of generous donors and our commercial activities, including the sales of our cameras.

Are you affiliated with Google?


We publish some of our projects on Google platforms, but Trek View is not officially associated with Google.

I have a question about your imagery. How can I contact Trek View?

Our Imagery Policy covers some of the most common questions asked about our projects and the associated imagery.

If our Imagery Policy does not answer your question, please contact us using this form.