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Trek View is a not-for-profit organisation using street-level panoramic imagery to save people and the planet.

What is Trek View?

We believe that immersive visual street-level records of our natural world will help:

  • Build people's empathy for and understanding of the world's biggest issues to spark their curiosity and trigger their engagement on the topics.
  • Give organisations and communities the ability to market themselves on the world's stage to promote sustainable tourism rather than environmental destruction.
  • Capture environments at risk of being lost, through natural or man-made means, and to expose the damage being done using historical records.
  • Provide accurate information on the location of people and infrastructure in emergency situations, to help organisations understand their needs and plan the response.

"You can't protect what you don't understand".

Who do you work with?

Our projects come to fruition in a number of ways. Generally we receive requests from tourism organisations, government departments, or local communities to capture imagery from a location.

We can help you capture panoramic imagery and publish it in a variety of ways, from websites to VR apps. If you have a project in mind, please contact our commercial team today.

Have a smaller project in mind? You can submit an application to our camera loan program here.

Won't virtual tours encourage visitors, and in turn damage sensitive environments?

We want to promote sustainable tourism. As documented in our Environment Charter, there are certain locations that we do not capture images of based on the risk of causing a negative impact to either the local environment or local communities.

Can I become a Trek View photographer?


Individuals, groups, or organisations looking to capture panoramic tours of our natural world or in disaster situations for non-commercial purposes are encouraged to submit an application to our camera loan program here.

If you would like to use one of our cameras for a private or commercial project, you can purchase them here.

How are you funded?

We're supported by people like you from across the globe. Like them, you can help support our mission in a variery of ways. Find out more about supporting our work here.

Are you affiliated with Google?


We publish some of our projects on Google platforms, but Trek View is not officially associated with Google.

I have a question about your imagery. How can I contact Trek View?

Our Image Charter covers some of the most common questions asked about our projects and the associated imagery.

If our Image Charter does not answer your question, please contact us using this form.