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Trek Pack v1 Getting Started

Getting started with the Trek Pack v1...

The Trek Pack v2 is now available (June 2020). Click here for more information.

GoPro Fusion Version

Version 1.0 (last updated: July 2019)

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A Quick Hello

Hello, Trekker!

Your brand-spanking new Trek Pack is here and ready to start capturing stunning panoramic photos.

We’ve put together this document to help you set up your Pack and start shooting with it.

I can't wait to see your images.


In 2019, I wanted to add some of my favourite hiking routes to Google Street View.

As consumer grade panoramic cameras entered the market, this became possible.

Consequently, I set out to find an affordable panoramic camera that:

  • Is Street View Ready (shooting at or above 4K resolution, has a GPS sensor);
  • Can be used without fear of getting damaged by light rain showers (I live in England after all),
  • Has storage and battery life for tours up to 20 kilometres on foot;
  • Can be mounted to a backpack and mount that could easily be setup and taken down for travel;
  • Has software that could be used to easily process imagery on non-professional grade equipment.

The GoPro Fusion camera (and software), along with the accessories included with your Trek Pack were the result.

I chose the GoPro Fusion as it by-far-and-away best met our requirements and had a large range of accessories to extend its capabilities.

The GoPro Fusion shoots two sets of images, one set for the front camera, one set for the rear camera. These are stored on two respective micro SD cards placed inside the camera.

The GoPro Fusion allows you to shoot using still or video modes.

Once imagery has been captured, you can use a piece of GoPro software, GoPro Fusion Studio, to “stitch” the two (front and back) photos together to create a single panoramic photo or video file.

The Trek Pack allows you to use the power of the GoPro Fusion without the hassle of manually taking photos or carrying bulky equipment. Simply setup the camera to start shooting and get on your way.

Let’s open it up...

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